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Quality and excellence are essential to satisfy the customer and remain competitive in the market. Quality certifications demonstrate the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and allow us to improve efficiency and profitability, supporting our reputation as a benchmark in the industry.

Colombia Country Brand

Certificate of trust and quality

The Colombia Country Brand is proof of the quality and excellence of the products that we market in Europe and that are produced with raw materials from the South American country. We are the first European company to acquire the license from ProColombia.

The acquisition of the Colombia country brand granted by the official institution ProColombia, represents for Jota Jota Foods an opportunity to increase the presence in the European market of products of Colombian origin.

Consumers significantly value being able to trust the origin of the products they consume because it guarantees that their flavor is original, with the quality and essence of the Colombian land.

In this way, being a pioneer company in Europe by acquiring this license generates considerable added value to the business image and reputation that has always characterized us, an action that marks the difference with the competition and has allowed us to consolidate ourselves as a leading company. reference in the sector.

Peru Country Brand

Peru trusts Jota Jota Foods and Coéxito

This seal is a promise of culinary experiences, a testimony to the cultural richness and natural diversity of the Peruvian nation. Coéxito is now part of the exclusivity of Peru’s country brand, which connects with the essence of a land full of tradition.

The Peru Country Brand is proof of the quality and excellence of the products that we market in Europe and that are produced with raw materials from the South American country.


Dynamic tool

The most effective ERP in the world for logistics coordination, inventory, shipping and accounting, allows us to offer an agile customer-focused service and agile and dynamic coordination with our partners around the world.

SAP is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and is the most important software of its kind in the world. Its integration, adaptation and centralized management allows all the processes of the value chain to be integrated optimally and safely.

This system implemented by Jota Jota Foods focuses on the various areas of the company such as finance and accounting, human resources, logistics, purchasing, sales, materials management and customer relationship management (CRM), efficient coordination of time and resources. .

This implementation is the key to correct process management and continually improve performance in all stages of our commercial process, from the coordination of suppliers in Latin America to reaching the home of each consumer who trusts our brands and products.

ISO 9001 Standard

Quality and Service Management System

We are aimed at standardization and excellence in the services and products that we market in the global market. Acquiring ISO 9001, one of the most important standards worldwide, represents a commitment and responsibility for the present and future of the company.

ISO 9001 certification is a standardized quality standard to promote continuous improvement in quality and management processes within companies, with the aim of providing customers with the best possible products and services and optimizing management processes.

Jota Jota Foods is committed to this vocation of service and has begun the process of implementing this regulation, which will allow us, as partners in the value chain, to guarantee that the company meets the standards of an effective quality system.

ISO 9001 will provide benefits to the company such as improving the image of the brand and the organization, as well as increasing our quality of service to new and existing clients. The philosophy of optimization, efficiency and speed focus on identifying and eliminating processes that hinder these processes.